Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Necessary endings

This evening I took some time for myself, to reflect on my future and to use this quiet time to listen to where God is leading me. Praying for clarity, wisdom, and knowledge, so that I understand why he is stretching me. I know at times he does this because growth is not in my conform zone. 
God asked me to be still for a moment. He knew, I needed this time for myself because I'm so focused on pouring life into others and helping them grow that I sometimes forget to refuel. 

I had no idea that today would be the day he wanted me to make extra God Room than my routine "God room" but he knew. During my trip to Florida 2 weeks ago, I met a very nice woman, during our encounter she gave me her business card and on the back she wrote out 2 books. She said she normally writes the first book on the back of cards but something was nudging her to write the second book on there too. 

The second book she wrote down was the one I happened to start reading today. When I started reading the first chapter, the story I was reading, jumped off the page. It was similar to my story in some ways. Which I found interesting and wondered how all the pieces fit together. Then it hit me..... 

Before my time with God today, I received an Angel in the mail, it was a gift from my aunt and the message on the Angel was "Go Confidently toward your Dreams". 

I believe this was God affirming his perfect plan for my life. Now it is my duty to accept necessary endings in some areas of my life. I have some things (and people) I need to give up in order to move forward. Becoming aware of these necessary changes is a sign of true growth! 

Dr. Miranda 

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