Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pain and Hard Work

We all have past experiences that have changed us or have rocked us to the core. However, you cannot think about your future if you are still living in your past. You have to be able to use those experiences for the purpose of growing into the best version of yourself.
I have had many life experiences that I had to endure to get to where I am today. Some were good, some were bad, and others were unbearable yet, each had a lesson for me to learn. While learning in these seasons of life I learned that pain doesn’t last forever and I take comfort in the term “I am GOING through something” why? Well, because it means that the pain, sorrow, heartache, stress, and others emotions I was feeling in those moments and circumstances were not here to stay but to just pass through.
You see, most of you say you want to grow, you want to be better than you was yesterday, you want to be successful. Yet, you don’t want to endure the pain or hard work that accompanies that success. Some of you envy other people’s lives because of their fortune and wealth. However, have you ever stopped to think about the pain or work they had to endure to get where they are today? What we are seeing when we look at successful people is the result of the work they put in to achieve their goal.
So, I challenge you today, instead of wishing you had the life of someone else or wishing your life was better, focus on the dream that was given to you and take action. I challenge you to move your feet through your storm!  Karen Salmansohn once said “You are stronger than your challenges and your challenges are making you stronger”. People who have achieved their goals and have become better versions of themselves understand and value what challenges do to them.
Look in the mirror and ask yourself: Who do you want to be tomorrow? What do you define as the best version of yourself? What dreams are you currently sitting on and refuse to take action on because it requires work, sweat, and tears?
I believe you all have the potential to be great. That is why I have dedicated my career as a life coach to help others get to the other side of their potential and become the best versions of themselves.  I believe you have greatness inside of you, I believe you have the drive and desire to chase your dreams. I Believe in YOU!
Now it’s time for you to believe in yourself! You are Unstoppable!
If you see value in me joining you in your journey click the link below and see what I can offer you. Remember you are one decision  away from a totally different life!
~Dr. Miranda

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What's Your Purpose?

It is truly important to know your purpose in life. It will get you through life's most difficult battles and allow you to continue to push through to the end. Yet, knowing one's purpose appears to be the hardest thing to draw out of individuals. I often ask myself, why is it, people get up everyday to go to a job that they are unhappy with, continue to interact with people would bring their spirit down, and continue to lack the motivation in finding their "why"?

I believe it is because some of you, don't believe that you matter. But I am here to tell you, that you do Matter. You are valued and there is a purpose for your life. All you need to do is look within your inner being to find it. I know some of you are thinking " well Doc, that's easy for you to say, you know your purpose". However, I did not always know my purpose. I was once like you, I was living in someone else's purpose, fulfilling everyone else's needs, allowing myself to believe these were the cards I was dealt and started to lose motivation.

Then something happen, I woke up one morning and said enough! I matter too, I deserve to seek out the reason why I was born. That morning I decided that I was going to find my purpose. Yet, I didn't look to the world but I looked within myself. I knew God had a plan for my life and I always had the burning desire to help others by pouring into their lives with encouragement and wisdom. Those are my gifts and was a starting point in finding my purpose.

I realized a few years ago, the way God intended me to help people and use my gifts was through taking a journey with each person and giving them wisdom, encouragement, knowledge, and inspiration along the way. On this journey we call life, I dare my clients to dream, but I don't stop there! I challenge them to take action. After all, what is a dream without action? Its a fantasy..... So, here I walk with each one of them on their journey to finding themselves, finding their purpose, chasing their dreams and living a life that matters, and equipping them to live a life of significance.
With this, I am honored that each of them decided to choose me as their Coach. Allowing us to do life together!

I challenge you tonight to look within yourself and ask yourself "What's your purpose?" If you don't have an answer, I would like you to consider what purpose looks like:
* A purpose will motivate you.
* A purpose will keep your priorities straight.
* A purpose will develop your potential.
* A purpose will give you power to live in the present.
* A purpose will help you evaluate your progress.

Once you are ready to seek out your purpose OR when you what your purpose is, then I want you must ask yourself, how much are you willing to invest in developing a better version of yourself?
During the summer months while everyone is investing on vacations to escape reality, I challenge you to invest in yourself and seek out where your potential can take you. Develop a growth plan, create a vision board for the summer, go get some good self-help books, attend workshops, and lastly get a Coach to do life with you!

I offer free consultations to those who are serious about becoming the best version of themselves. I also offer guided coaching sessions that are geared towards your personal growth plan which will transform you into someone, others wont recognize.

Are you ready? Are you willing?

If so, contact me at 980-221-9607 or to schedule your Free 30- minute consultation and for more information visit my website and like me on facebook:

Love being Your Coach!
~Dr. Miranda

Monday, June 6, 2016

Take Action!

What dream are you sitting on right now because of some man made excuse you keep telling yourself is the reason you can’t start moving your feet? Calvin Coolidge said once “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan, Press on, has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race”.  With that same, are you tired of being tired? Are you sick of living a life of no fulfillment? If so, do you have the Will, Persistence, and Determination to fulfill the void in your life by chasing and attaining your dream?

I remember someone once asked me, if I had all the money in the world and I did not have to worry about my finances what would I be doing for work. My reply was that I would be a life and business coach because I enjoy helping people reach their highest potential. In fact that is where my passion lays. My friend then said “so why aren’t you doing that then…..”. It was one of the most impactful questions someone has ever asked me. I thought to myself, why am I not a life and business coach? I knew that coaching, mentoring, inspiring, and encouraging others was my gift. God gave me the gift of wisdom, faith, exhortation, teaching, and leadership. Yet, I was not using any of it. So I asked myself why? Was it because I was afraid to do something different? Scared to leave my comfort zone? Was it due to the fear of failure? Was it because I was comfortable with my current career? Was it because I financially depended on my job to provide for my children? I suppose, it was all of the above. I was in the Research and Development arena for over 12 years and that’s all I knew and I was good, better yet, I was great at my job. I climbed the corporate ladder fairly quickly however, there was still a void in my life. I was not happy. Why? Well it’s because success does not always equate happiness or fulfillment. My inner being was screaming to do what God had intended for my life. But I was afraid to take action.

You see my friends, I was much like most of you. I had a big dream but wasn’t chasing it. I didn’t start chasing my dream until I realized that I would never fill the void in my life if I wasn’t acting in my purpose. Once I realized that my dream mattered and I deserved to be living out my purpose is when I not only dared to dream but also took action.  I will tell you this, nothing happened right away, it took will, persistence, and determination to continue down the unpaved path. You see people do not display bravely by never fearing, it’s by being afraid and doing it anyway! I believe you all can accomplish this too. I believe you can do it afraid!  

So I challenge you today, to press on, dare to put action to the dream you have in your heart! Be brave, have the will, persistence and determination to keep pushing. Don’t be the second best vision of yourself, be the Best version of you! Live in your potential and never forget, You are a warrior!

~Dr. Miranda