Saturday, July 30, 2016

Failure is inevitable

Don't allow others to sway you into believing that in order to be successful that you will never make mistakes or fail. 
Failure is Inevitable. How you deal with it is life changing! 

Therefore, I challenge you to take a positive stance on failing and making mistakes by reminding yourself that you are human but you're also unstoppable. With that change in mindset you will realize that failures and mistakes are part of the process to becoming a better version of yourself! 

Continue to chase and live out your dreams. The power to attain your goal comes from within! 

~Dr. Miranda

Monday, July 18, 2016

Create a life of abundance

As I sit here and reflect on my life and think about what I need for success, I think about all the people I lead, the ones I coach, and those I train to be a better version of themselves. With those individuals in mind, it reminds me why I do the work that I do each day. It reminds me of the purpose I was given and allows me to live a life that creates abundance. It also allows me to jump over the hurdles that appear in my journey to success. Not because I'm a super human, but because I'm unstoppable in my path. I keep in mind what Peter Diamandis once said "Creating abundance is not about creating a life of luxury for everybody on the planet; it’s about creating a life of [possibilities]".

I challenge you today to create a life of possibilities and chase the dream that was put in your heart.

I challenge you to get a life or leadership coach to take this amazing journey with you. I challenge you to invest in your future self. Why? Because you were meant to do great things! 

So go out there and be great! 

~Dr. Miranda