Sunday, March 13, 2016


You hear people all the time say that they are blessed. What does it mean to be blessed? Is this a status, just a term, or something more?  Blessed, to me, is when you have found favor with the Lord.  We  are all in line for blessings and one person's blessing may be very different from your blessings. So don't compare yourself to someone else or be envious or jealous of what God has blessed them with  because you do not know the hell that they had to go through to receive that blessing. 

My blessings are my own and I'm grateful for each one given to me. I am also patient when I'm going through a season that is preparing me for my blessing because although that season is difficult I know that I am being cultivated and nourished to take on God's purpose for my life. 

So, today reflect upon the blessings God has already given you, be genuinely happy for the blessings giving the others, and be patient, trust, and have faith that you are being position to receive your next blessing! 
Happy Sunday 
~Dr. Miranda

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