Thursday, March 17, 2016

God Room

God Room 
Over the past few days I have had the opportunity to connect with some amazing individuals, who are like-minded  and genuine about adding value to other people's lives at the John Maxwell Leadership Conference. The most important part of our connection was the fact that we All have a relationship with God and God's presence was truly in Orlando with us as our faculty members taught key elements of leadership. There were many takeaways in respect to leadership that I took with me but the key takeaway wasn't during the conference, this one was delivered during worship service by John himself. He spoke of us having "God room". What does that mean? Well, simply put, We must have room for God in our lives. We do this by inviting him into our hearts and lead through obedience. 

Now anyone who knows me, knows I am or should I say I WAS  God's stubborn child. Although I was stubborn, I have always made room for Him in my life. I continued to be stubborn until he took me on this journey of faith and trust. I am so grateful for all the lessons I have learned along the way, although most were not very pleasant. But I stand here today with a story/testimony that I can use, to reach out and touch others. I now know when God says Go to just do it with no questions or debate. 

During service that day I was given the opportunity to witness hundreds of people give their lives to Christ. Some were from countries where being a Christian comes with great consequences but they still did it. 

The courage they demonstrated knowing the consequences was powerful to me. I thought to myself how can I be afraid to leave my comfort zone to chase my dreams when God is standing here showing me his power. 
My purpose and dreams are bigger than me.. But that's ok because I serve a Big God! 

So, I challenge you today to add God room in your life and watch were it takes it! 

Dr. Miranda 

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