Thursday, March 24, 2016


My son had received the perseverance award several years in a roll and as a mother I was very proud of him. I thought to myself, wow, my son, knows what it means to keep going even when things get hard. Well, the past two years I have learned a lot about perseverance, for myself. Throughout my journey on chasing my dreams I have been met with barrier after barrier and where a normal person would just cry it out and give up, is where I cried it out, lifted my hands to ask the Lord for his guidance, and kept pushing forward, even when I did not want to.

The thing about chasing your dreams is nothing will come easy. It is an uphill battle however, the reward you receive once you make it to top makes it all worth the fight. You see, perseverance means that you must possess steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Remember that when you keep pushing there will be a moment when preparation meets opportunity and success is born.

I challenge you today to go the extra mile, to fail forward and not quit, get knocked down and dare to get back up and keep going! God didn’t say your journey would be easy but it will be worth the time, tears, and sweat put into the journey. Go far and conquer all.
Look in the mirror and say to yourself “Be Great” why? Because you are!

~ Dr. Miranda  

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