Tuesday, May 10, 2016

What Can I Do For You?

What Can I Do For You?
This morning I woke up hungry for success and the passion to help others. Each morning I think about ways that I can add value to other people for that specific day and how my God given talents can assist in the process. God has blessed me with the gifts of wisdom, exhortation, faith, leadership, and teaching therefore, I will use these gifts to position others for success in their lives. I want to be the giant’s shoulders that my fellow dream chasers can stand on in order to get to their next level.
I have come to realize that this life is not about me but about the value that I add in other people’s lives and when you have this mindset, you tend to accomplish your goals and attain your dreams in the process. My drive is not “what I can do for myself”, it is “what can I do for YOU”, this is the attitude that brings dreams alive!   
So what is your mindset today? Are you dreaming big? Are you focused on just yourself? Well, I challenge you to focus on someone other than yourself today. The impact that you make will be the motivation you need to continue to pursue your goals. Walt Disney once said “All our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them” which is true but I also believe that “all your dreams come true when you have the courage to add value to others”.
Go and ask someone: "what can I do for you today?"
Dr. Miranda

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