Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Put in the work!

I continue to hear people complain about how much they dislike their appearance, relationships, jobs and careers. They complain that there are little to no opportunities out in the market. Yet, they are unwilling to make a change. They make excuses on why they cannot make a change right now. I must admit, I use to be just like the people I hear complain about these very things. Yet, one day I decided to do something about it. I realized that I am the author and director of my life and if I didn’t like what I produced then I needed to change it and if there are no available opportunities out there for me then I would have to create one! In creating a new life that would allow me to experience joy, add value to others and be fulfilled was no easy task however, anything worth having and holding is never easily obtained and you must do what most won’t do, to have what most won’t have! It’s a mindset change!
 So instead of complaining about your current situation or circumstance, step back and evaluate how you can make a change. Once you identify your strengths, talents, and gifts, use them to create a life of significance, one that matters. Then go after your dream like your life depends on it, because it does.
You want to look better…..Work For It, you want better relationships….. Work For It, you want a better job or career… Work For It!
 Brendon Burchard said once that “We get to choose how we’re going to live – what level of energy, what level of vibrancy, what level of excitement” so go out today and be great and don’t forget you must put in work to create the life you want. Success and attaining your dreams will not come without sacrifice and hard work.  Be Unstoppable!
 ~Dr. Miranda

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