Monday, May 2, 2016

Sacrifice and Breakthrough

I thought about the sacrifices I am currently making in my own life over this past weekend as my pastor prayed over me for my breakthrough which lighten the burden I was feeling. As I sat in service listening to the message on the "Way of Wisdom" I considered who I was seeking out my wisdom from Earthly or Godly. I realized that sometimes like, Carrie Griffin said, " God gives us a course correction" to ensure we are on track to living out our dreams. However, the sacrifices that the course correction requires can be heavy.  
We all come to a point in our lives that we are waiting for a breakthrough, in our finances, in our relationships, in our careers and when waiting on a breakthrough we tend to become weak at heart but don’t give up on yourself, don’t quit and don’t make excuses. It takes sacrifices in life to get what you want and your dreams may  need a little "course correction" for it to come into fruition. So while, we are charting the uncharted course, we need to have the three P’s  which are “Patience, Persistence and a Positive attitude. At times the three P's feel like a huge sacrifice, especially when it comes with giving up your life as you know it, walking away from unhealthy relationships, disciplining yourself with your finances or jumping head first into your own business/new career..... but your breakthrough is coming. Sacrifice and Breakthrough go hand and hand, you can't have one without the other. Willingness to sacrifice is the great paradox. Riley, The Winner Within, (53) notes “You must give up something in the immediate present – comfort, ease, recognition, quick rewards – to attract something even better in the future."
Remember you must be willing to do what most people won’t, in order to live like most people can’t!   So take that leap of faith, make the sacrifice, chase your dreams and you will find your breakthrough! Its coming?
~Dr. Miranda

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