Wednesday, May 18, 2016


How many people did you speak to this morning on your way into work or to school? How many "good mornings" and "how you doings" did you say? I can bet at least a handful, you say it to the store clerk, the person behind the register at your favorite fast food restaurant, or even a coworker. Yet, the real question is, how many of those people did you truly connect with this morning? How many of them did you impact in a positive manner that will add value to their lives? 

This is something I think about when I encounter others, why? Well because people are our greatest assets. Therefore, I am intentional about my encounters with each person that crosses my path from the lovely ladies that I know by name at the local Panera bread to each of my coworkers. I believe when you connect with people on their level they are more open to communicate with me whether it be for personal or professional purposes. 

Connecting with others allows you to have an impact on their lives. Any good communicator understands the key elements of connecting. They know it's not all about "what you say" but rather "how you say it" and "in what matter". 

Your words and manner you deliver a message can make or break an opportunity, a person, or a situation. Marlene Chism says that "By your choices you reveal your commitments".

So, I challenge you today to not just communicate but to also connect with one or two people. The key to connecting is in the details. 
Go forth and Be Great! 

~Dr. Miranda 

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