Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Support System

This was a great weekend full of fun and excitement. I am so happy that my cousin came to visit because I was reminded on how much fun it is to live life and still be an extraordinary being. She reminded me of who we were as kids and who we have grown to be an adults and wow! The faith and positivity we bring to a room is overwhelming. God made some strong women out of our past experiences and I am grateful for her presence that reminded me of all this.

As I continue to chase my dreams and as some of them have come into fruition, I am motivated to continue the journey. God said if I asked he would give it to me, he never said it would be easy but he also never said I had to do it alone either. This is why I have a strong support system made up of some powerful and successful women. They keep me going, they are my backbone and strength when I don’t have any. They comfort me when I am going through a trial and remind me that I am going through it and it is not here to stay, they motivate me when I am stagnant in progress, they challenge me when I am sitting in my comfort zone for too long, they encourage me and speak life into my life when my cup is empty and they are my cheerleaders when I need them to be. These are the type of people you want in your life! 

As the fall season approaches, I challenge you to clean house of all the people who are not feeding you and who are not speaking life into you. It’s time to step into your new season with positivity and with your team. I also, challenge you to be that support system to someone else in your life. We all need those people. So look within yourself and see what you can bring to the table in all the relationships around you!

Happy Tuesday to all!

~Dr. Miranda 

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