Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Who I am and Whose I am

Who I am and Whose I am

I was feeling a little disappointed and disheartened yesterday evening about some things going on right now and my 9 year old son said something so profound to me. He said "why are you worried about the small things that God has already taken care of for you? I know the problem seems big to you but nothing is too big for HIM". I just looked at my son in amazement and said thank you. 

God reminded me through my son last night that when you feel like 
your world is not falling apart,  it's really falling into place and that I can't take everyone and everything on this journey with me. 

Raising up leaders who model after Jesus' leadership  in my household, allowed God to step into the conversation and check me before I wrecked me. 

Later that evening, God allowed me to connect with other strong leaders that I probably wouldn't have done without the reminder that he has already taken care of my small problems. 

I almost forgot that I am the daughter of the Most High and that's who I am and was meant to be. I am the Lord's and nothing or nobody can take this status from me. 


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